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Studying Tea

Here’s a fun fact for you: Natasha has ADD. She is physically incapable of focusing on anything. ESPECIALLY anything productive. This is clear whenever she tries to study or do homework. She enters with the best of intentions, planning to get it done, to be assiduous all evening, and then to get good grades and become a very wealthy doctor.

Then she sees something shiny, and it all goes to shit.

It does not take much to distract Natasha. Anything will do: erasers, post-its, glitter, chairs, or anything on the computer. If nothing is available to her, she will just be distracted by the pens and pencils, and start twirling them.

Should Natasha actually be able to focus for a few minutes, there’s also the problem that she doesn’t like thinking. This is kinda the opposite of Irvin, who’s all for thinking and can focus if need be… he just has no work ethic. So between the two of them, nothing gets done.

They will sit down to study, Natasha being very determined that he teach her math. Then Natasha will spy a paperclip on the table and abandon her work. Irvin won’t have the drive to force her to work, and is perfectly content to sit there sipping tea.

Talking of tea, Irvin’s mother has a tendency to stockpile different varieties of tea. For some reason, this tends to disturb Natasha a lot. In particular, she was very upset when she opened a box of tea only to find it had another box of a different tea inside. “Deceitful lies!” she yelled, and slammed the boxes back into the cupboard. As Natasha is fond of saying, “You could make the Nile River into tea!” in reference to the teabag collection. “If you could turn the tea into food, and gave it to Africa, they would no longer need food – they’d be fat!”

Remember, insanity isn’t contagious…we think.

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