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The Flying Chinchillas of Quidditch

Hello gang, Irvin here. Please see the previous post for why there have been no updates. Also, I just spent a semester in London. Anyway, this just had to be shared.

 I play Quidditch, and attended a pickup game on Sunday hosted by my team. Random players from all over the country came, being home for the summer holidays from whatever distant colleges they attend. I was put on a team with only these players ("mercenaries," if you will), and none of my teammates.

 I do not discuss anything with these complete strangers outside of Quidditch-related things. Nothing about chinchillas, or team names, or animals, or anything.

 When the ref asks for our team name, the captain says without skipping a beat, "the Flying Chinchillas." Everyone roars their approval.

 And this, dear readers, is why I love Quidditch players so much. They are wonderful people, who understand me on so many levels.

 Remember, loving chinchillas is contagious...we hope.

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