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Woes of a Pre-Med Student

So, we have been MIA for a while, and there is a perfectly logical explanation for this: Natasha is pre-med. This means she has no time for ANYTHING. Irvin doesn’t have much time for things either, but for very different reasons. Here is the difference between a semester as a pre-med student and a semester as a business student.

Weekend 1: Irvin hangs out with friends. Natasha studies.
Weekend 2: Irvin goes to birthday parties. Natasha studies.
Weekend 3: Irvin has Quidditch practice. Natasha studies.
Weekend 4: Irvin goes on a visit to Yale for a tournament, then plays drinking games. Natasha studies.
Weekend 5: Irvin sleeps in after a tiring week of actually doing homework for a change. Natasha studies.
Weekend 6: Irvin has a sleepover after an impromptu game of Strip Poker. Natasha studies.
Weekend 7: Irvin goes to various Halloween events dressed in a costume he spent a month working on. Natasha studies.
Weekend 8: Irvin goes to concerts. Natasha studies.
Weekend 9: Irvin plays in the Quidditch World Cup. Natasha studies.
Weekend 10: Irvin goes to parties, plays Spin the Bottle and Never Have I Ever. Natasha studies.
Weekend 11: Irvin alternates between eating Thanksgiving dinner and sleeping. Natasha alternates between studying and sleeping.
Weekend 12: Irvin has another sleepover after a movie marathon. Natasha studies.
Weekend 13: Irvin bitches about having to stay home and study for finals. Natasha studies.

End result? Irvin has a higher GPA, despite never opening a textbook. Natasha celebrates passing her sciences, and begins studying for next semester.

Remember, studying isn’t contagious…we think.

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