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Mass-Producing Hot Pink Chinchillas

After a while, Tasha and Irvin came to the realization that they needed to mass produce hot pink chinchillas…do not ask why, dear reader, for the answer is rather long and convoluted (and insane). The point is that dipping individual chinchillas in red Koolaid simply would not suffice any longer.

So then came the question…how to mass produce hot pink chinchillas? As far as Tasha and Irvin knew, they were not born naturally from other chinchillas. But after a lot of investigation, they came up with two creatures whom they could breed to produce the desired result.

The first parent would be the one readily available: Natasha’s adorable and slightly evil/deranged cat Sassy. Sassy is quite a character, and will be discussed at length in some other blog post. But Sassy is already a ball of white fur (when Natasha’s clan doesn’t shave her, that is). So if we dyed Sassy hot pink, we would be halfway to a hot pink chinchilla.

But we then needed a partner for Sassy who would ensure her offspring could bounce high up and down…because if a hot pink ball of fluff bounced up and down, it would be a chinchilla! After a lot of deliberation, Tasha and Irvin decided that the best bouncing would be achieved by breeding Sassy with a Jack-in-the-Box.

And there you have it: we now had a plan to breed hot pink chinchillas by mating Sassy with a Jack-in-the-Box. It was pure genius!!!

Remember, insanity isn’t contagious…we think.

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