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Chinchilla Origin Story

One day, Tasha came to school, talking to a friend about a video she saw of an adorable chinchilla. She wanted one.

Her friend got incredibly excited and said, “I have a story for you!” Tasha looked at her with interest and invited her to continue.

“One day, my cousin decides to throw his chinchilla a birthday party – the adorable little fluff ball was turning one year old! All was going well, and everyone was having a grand old time. The birthday chinchilla was let out of its cage so it could wander and mingle with its guests.

“At some point during this mingling, some awful person stepped on the chinchilla, and squished it…to death!!!”

At first, Tasha was horrified – how could such a catastrophic thing occur?!? But then she called Irvin, and related the tragic tale to him. They then started brainstorming…if they got a chinchilla, how would they keep it safe from evil party-goers?

And then, they had an epiphany! Sure, some reckless people might step on a regular chinchilla, but NO ONE would step on a hot pink chinchilla!!! After all, who could just ignore a bouncing ball of hot pink fluff? Our chinchilla would be seen by everyone, and its safety thus ensured!

After some painstaking research, they discovered that hot pink chinchillas were very hard to come by. So they came up with a genius solution to that dilemma as well: they would get an ordinary run-of-the-mill white chinchilla, and would dye it hot pink by dipping it in red Koolaid. It would be a delicious experience for the chinchilla (so don’t call PETA!), a hilarious experience for everyone else, and best of all no one would stop on the chinchilla ever again!

And that is the origin story of our fascination with hot pink chinchillas.

Remember, insanity isn’t contagious…we think.

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