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Who The Hell Are We?

Hello!  Welcome to Pink Chinchilla Insanity.  We are your hosts, Irvin and Tasha.  Let us start off by explaining who we are, and why on earth you should care.

Let’s start off with a plain and simple fact: we are insane.  Absolutely, certifiably insane.  However, we have embraced this fact, and use it to entertain our friends.  You may wonder why we are called “Pink Chinchilla Insanity?”  Well, a lot of our singular brand of insanity is based on the idea of Hot Pink Chinchillas.  Tasha has a strange obsession with chinchillas (that she has passed on to Irvin), and decided that chinchillas would be even better if they were hot pink.  This would be easily accomplished by dipping a white chinchilla into red Koolaid.

Around this concept of hot pink chinchillas, we have created an entire mythology, involving Pluto, incest, jack-in-the-boxes, and world domination.  These will all be discussed in much further detail very soon.

A few basic facts: we’re a pair of college students living in New York City (which is the natural home of all psychos like us!).  We considered blaming our insanity on college, but the truth is that our minds were long gone way before that…probably around junior high when we started composing poetry about marrying monkeys.  However, being in college will probably only exacerbate our insanity as time goes by.

Stay tuned for further hijinks from the pair of us!  And remember, insanity isn’t contagious…we think.

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